Owensboro Pickleball Association

Article I – General

Section A: Name of association: Owensboro Pickleball Association, Inc.

Section B: The purpose of this association is to promote the sport of Pickleball in safe environments; to provide the opportunity for all members to learn and improve their play; to implement instructional lessons; to schedule open and tournament play time; to encourage the highest standard of good sportsmanship; and to promote social Pickleball activities within the community and schools.

Section C: This association is to be operated as a non-profit organization in accordance with the applicable Kentucky law, applicable Internal Revenue regulations, Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, rules and regulations and policies and procedures adopted by the Board Members of the association.

Article II – Membership

Section A: Membership shall be open to all who remain in good standing of the Owensboro Pickleball Association. A member in good standing is current with membership dues, has abide by association bylaws and follows all rules and regulations of facilities hosting open play or tournaments.

Section B: Membership will be terminated by voluntary withdrawal, nonpayment of dues, violation of the provisions of these bylaws, or violation of rules and regulations set by hosting facilities of open play and tournaments.

Section C: The Association will send out annual dues billing by December 1 via email (or letter if member doesn’t have an email). Any annual dues change will occur by recommendation by the Association Board and approved by a General Membership vote.


Revisions made per member meeting on June 23rd, 2018.


Article III – Officers and Board

            Section A: The Board of Directors shall consist of a Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 general board seats. Rene’ Kuegel (Founder) will serve as Director to the board (with no voting rights unless a tie needs to be broken). Initial appointed officers will be chosen by Rene Kuegel (holder of the “Founders Seat” on the Board) and those officers shall serve for a 28 month period ending December 31st 2018. Officers are to be elected by a majority vote of the association’s members beginning for term year January 1st 2019 replacing 3 board members each year with the named seats filled by rotation. Nominees for board elections must be members in good standing with Owensboro Pickleball Association and all the hosting facilities in the community.

The Board will consist of the elected officers, the outgoing President in an advisory capacity, and the “founders seat” (Rene’ Kuegel) henceforth. The Board has overall governing authority of the association consistent with the provisions of these bylaws and may appoint committees and adopt policies, procedures, rules and regulations as needed to carry out the purposes and objectives of the association. The Board may be assisted by the chairpersons of the committees to carry out the club functions and purpose.

            Section B: The Board may appoint committee chairs for tournaments, membership, publicity, social activities and training as the Board determines are needed.

            Section C: The Chair is to select a Nomination Committee in the fall of each year (around October beginning in the year 2018) consisting of 1-2 members. This committee solicits people who are interested in running for the officers positions that will be vacant in the upcoming year. Only resident members are eligible to hold office. If a Board of Directors position is vacated due to illness, move out of the area, or other reasons the Board will appoint a current OPA member in good standing to fill the vacated position. The “founders seat” shall be eliminated in the event of the death, illness or voluntary step down of Rene’ Kuegel. Once vacated the “founder’s seat” cannot be re-implemented again.

            Section D: With the exception of the first appointed officers (serving 28 months) all officers elected into the Executive Board will serve for a 2yr term (January 1st through December 31st being 1 year).

There will be no financial gain or other compensation for serving on the Board or any appointed position.

            Section E: Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

                        Chair and Co-Chair – Preside over all association meetings and be accountable for the administration of OPA business. Prepare with other Board members an annual budget to be reported at the General Membership meeting. The Chair shall carry out the direction and policies established by the Board of Directors. In the event of vacancies on the Board the Chair shall appoint, with Board approval, interim replacement board members to finish out the term until official elections are held. The Chair shall appoint chairpersons of any committees that have been authorized by the Board. The Chair shall ensure that all Board officers read and understand the association rules, regulations, and procedures. Co-Chair shall fill in when Chair unavailable and work with Chair in all duties listed.


                        Secretary – Take and maintain the minutes of all Board meetings. Type and help prepare agendas under the direction of the Chair/Co-Chair and Executive Director. Send notice via email (and by mail for members without email) to members regarding general membership meetings. Maintain a physical inventory and submit a report of all OPA physical assets yearly.

                        General Board Member – Attend meeting as scheduled by the board president. Participate with decisions pertaining to events and general daily activities of the company. Provide support and input for events and activities. Transition to above named position during 2nd year of 2yr term.

                        Treasurer – Shall receive and deposit all monies due to the association and pay all obligations that may be incurred by the association in the regular course of its business. Keep an up-to-date ledger of all financial transactions and provide financial reports as may be required at all meetings of the general membership. Shall prepare and submit year end reports and maintain previous years’ financial records for a period of seven years.

                        Director - Shall meet with the new officers for the purpose of orientation to explain the policies and procedures of their new duties. This shall be held after the election and prior to January 1st of each election year.

            Section F:  Appointed committee chairs and committee members shall be held to the same rules and regulations of the association. All committee chairs will be appointed by the President of the Board, with the approval of at least 2 other board members, when needed. The chairperson of each committee will submit a written report on their activities to the Board. The Board will determine which committees best serve the needs of the Owensboro Pickleball Association. Suggested committees may include but not limited to:

  • Social Chair: Organize events throughout the year for the general membership and other activities as directed by the Board.

  • Webmaster: Maintain the association website with updates, posting association general membership meeting minutes, videos, and other information pertaining to association activities.

  • Photographer: Take pictures of various association activities and events.

  • Tournament Chair: Organize tournaments throughout the year.

  • Facebook/Social Media Chair: Maintain OPA social pages and conduct other social media activities as assigned by the Board.

Article IV – Meetings

            Section A: Meetings of the general membership shall be held not less than twice annually, the time and place of such meetings to be determined by the Board. The president shall reside at all such meetings and a simple majority vote of the membership present shall be sufficient to conduct any business requiring the vote of the membership.

            Section B: The president of the Board may call meetings of the Board at any time by giving notice orally, in writing, or email. The president shall determine the time and place of such meetings. The Board of Directors shall meet monthly until it is determined by the Board otherwise.

Article V – Financial

            Section A: Financial records and related documents must be kept for the previous seven years and the current year and shall be maintained by the Treasurer. A monthly expense report shall be generated by the Treasurer and made available to the Board. An audit of the financial statements shall be performed every year, prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year, by someone other than the Board members. The fiscal year will be January 1st to December 31st. The results of the audit will be presented to the general membership during the general membership meeting, and duly recorded in the applicable minutes of the meeting.

            Section B: All expenditures greater than $250.00 must be approved by the Board and all expenditures no matter the amount must be accompanied by a receipt or documentation. All bank accounts are to be in the name of the Owensboro Pickleball Association, Inc. and have a federal ID number issued to the association.

            Section C: Reimbursements must be accompanied by a reimbursement request form and approved by two Board members. Any amount over $100.00 will require both the Treasurer and President signatures.

            Section D: Annual Budget, Cash, and Inventory of Association Assets: The Board of Directors shall prepare an annual budget to be presented to the General Membership at a regularly scheduled membership meeting. The annual budget shall be submitted by November 1st each year by the President and Treasurer. This budget shall be voted on within 60 days for approval by the General Membership. The association shall maintain such checking and/or savings bank accounts approved by the Owensboro Pickleball Association as may be necessary to properly conduct the association’s business. The Director, Board President and Treasurer shall be the official signers of the association’s account(s). All cash receipts shall be deposited in one or more of said accounts as soon as possible with due haste. The Director and Board President and Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks drawn from the association’s bank account(s). All physical assets of the association shall be physically inventoried at least once annually by the secretary and submitted to the Board.

            Section E: Owensboro Pickleball Association shall conduct all matters of business financial or otherwise separate and distinct from any other association, club, organization, or entity. OPA money may be used solely for the purpose of OPA events and activities determined by the Board and General Membership.

Article VI – Dissolution

This association may not be dissolved until all of its outstanding debts have been paid.

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